Media Relations

Media-relations and media-strategy in European and international context

Media-strategy, being the core element of the communication campaign, calls for an elaborate concept and a structured network. Cooperating with Jacques Seguela (EuroRSCG network) and other experts on methodology of media-relations, IERP has an opportunity to combine practice and methodological models.

This methodological model provides for the establishment of a European media map where mass media are categorized with respect to their importance and subject.

Creating a message and, what’s more important, building a channel of relations with mass media is a key element of media-strategy. In other words, a channel that cannot be used by others and that causes a reflex action on the part of journalists to turn to such a channel in quest of information on a specific subject (country, company, etc.). A press centre, set up due to a country’s chairmanship in an international organization, or a magazine may play the role of such a channel.