Event management dates back to event communication, and has become widely used at all levels – national, corporate and international.

It can be resorted to in order to gain publicity. A vivid example of that is the French town of Deauville in Normandy that hosted the American movie festival.

Event management has turned into a whole industry of communications.

Jean-Francois Flahault, IERP expert committee member and one of the pioneers of the European event management, who spearheaded the American movie festival in Deauville, has accomplished a lot of event communication programmes for geobrands (including the French town of Sarla that made it to the Guinness book of records). Mention should be made here of the French book “Event: the communication of the XXI century”, co-authored by Jean-Francois Flahault.

Event communication, especially at its highest level – event management, is very efficient for attracting publicity to emerging states that are becoming active players in the international arena wishing to stand out.

Event communication can be an efficient tool for this purpose, capable of adding publicity to countries and allowing the international public opinion to identify them with respect to certain values.

Methodology of event management application for the purposes of crisis communication, issue management, and “sustainable development” was developed within the framework of IERP advisory and brainstorming programmes intended for branch heads of international corporations (reference is made to programmes for directors of energy companies planning IPO, such as OGK-4, etc.).

An event management programme has been developed for Moldova as a geobrand the purposes of publicity.