Project Activity

Early XXI century is a period when companies seek to develop internationally and think a lot about their reputation, especially if they want to list on London Stock Exchange.

Such is RAO UES, a Russian energy giant.

The corporation’s projects include restructuring, establishment of new companies that will separately produce, generate and distribute electrical power. These companies will finally make it to the London Stock Exchange.

Hence, a new strategy and new communications models that will follow changes.

The restructuring has to be understood by the staff. Moreover, it will lead to competition. So, a customer will now have to be considered as one that can choose.

Besides, we have to bear in mind that a public company listed on a stock exchange depends on such products as shares. It is exposed to various risks, both material and not. The price of a share depends on the communications policy. Therefore, approach to communication has to be altered, given the multiple risks and possible “third-party” interference on the part of ecological associations, experts, and other activist organizations.

That was the time when RAO UES was exposed to many a risk. People doubted the success of the reform, fearing tariffs would soar. Employees, too, had to bereassured.

The brainstorming and advisory training programme intended for RAO UES PR-directors and press officers (a total of 60 people) was implemented in 2003-2007.

The programme was aimed at introducing the issue-management techniques, the public opinion risk identification and management system, with further integration of these models into the communications policy.