European Expert Council

Jacques Seguela
IERP International President

Creative Director of the Havas agency, arranged over 20 electoral campaigns throughout the world and St. Petersburg’s rebranding campaign.

Competence: development of a brand’s image, political consulting of statesmen and political leaders, reputation management, event communication, media-strategy ( via the EuroRSCG network), crisis communication, advertisement communication.


Tatiana Lebedeva
Chairman of IEERP (since 2014), International programs manager.

Qualified shool teacher, State doctor.

She managed consulting programs for energy, gas and finance firms as for international organizations and governmental services.

1993-1996: guest professor in communication sciences at the Sorbonne, UNECO expert in International Program for Communication Development.

Author of 16 books about international communication published in Paris, Moscow, Prague and Bucharest.

Jean-Pierre Beaudoin
Director General of «I et E» (France’s first communications consulting group)

Professor at the university of Sorbonne
Competence: strategic management of public opinion, reputation management, crisis management.

Has a number of publications in France and abroad on the strategy and management of the company’s brand image, communication of leadership with the public, etc.


Jean-Francois Flahault

Has 30 years of experience working with the Public Systeme group.


Participation in the development and implementation of event communication campaigns for Deauville (Normandy), Days of Christian Youth in Paris; multicultural communication, participation in rebranding of Total, crisis communication, media-strategy, media relations.

Professor, has publications in France and abroad.


Denis Pryen

Director General of L Harmattan publishers, Paris-Montreal-Milan-Budapest, whose mission is to promote cultural cooperation and exchanges between countries and peoples.

Organizer of a number of communication campaigns aimed at strengthening peace and democracy in the world. L Harmattan publishers operates theatres and cinemas in the vicinity of the Luxembourg garden in Paris. D.Pyen offers cultural development and publicity programmes for emerging nations.


Vali Alibayov

President of the Center for Political Technologies, Director General of "ALIBAYOV Communication and Consulting Company", Lecturer in communication and political sciences at the Western University.

Author of books and more than 100 articles on communications, public relations, geobranding, political consulting. International expert. Sphere of activity: public relations, political consulting, media relations, event-management, imagemaking, branding etc.

Krivonosov Alexey

Director of the IEERP branch in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Adjunct Professor, DHR, Director Department of Communication Technologies and Public Relations at the State University of Economics in St. Petersburg. Experience of consulting with Russian and international companies. Author of the monograph on public relations.